06.00 am
Random Rock Tunes

Indie and up-coming rock tunes

3:00 pm

Loud Heavy & Fast

We’re just a couple of dudes who love music and want to help spread the word of all the underground/local bands we can. Sometimes you’ll dig them sometimes you won’t, hopefully you’ll give them a shot sometime!

05.00 pm

It isn’t a DJ with a bad playlist, it isn’t a group of clueless morons. It is the show playing bands which generally go unheard, discussing metal in depth with witty debate and genuine conversation

07.00 pm

Two hours of the finest rock and metal, from new material to the classics, from big names to up and coming and underground acts.

09.00 pm

We play killer obscure metal and hard rock tunes from the 70’s to the present

11.00 pm

Open MetalCast is a podcast dedicated to promoting Creative Commons metal music.

12.00 am
Full Metal Album

Full album or ep of metal band


Welcome to KOR Radio


Based in Somerset UK and online around the world

KOR, Independent variety Radio station of Pop Music, Rock, Folk, Blues and combining some of the greatest presenters to broadcast music and support  the Indie and Underground scene from basements, garages and studios all over the world for your listening pleasure.

Welcome to all the Listeners

Sit back and feel the sounds!!

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Muscians get discovered

A Rock & Roll Expedition!