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Black Bay Welcome Apocalypse 2015 Genre: Industrial Metal/ Thrash Metal An essential element of any Industrial tainted Metal album is conviction and aggression; thankfully Black Bay deliver both of these immediately through the volatile opener, ‘Anger to Nowhere’. The gripping, earth-quaking bass lines act as a great launching pad from which the rest of the song
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Courtesans Better Safe Than Sober (EP) 2017 (Released 31st March) Genre: Doom Pop The unusual genre classification for this EP already has me fascinated but, this all female group are more than just a genre gimmick. ‘Mesmerise’ takes elements from Progressive Rock, Doom Metal and Alt-Rock in a bizarre yet surprisingly efficient approach. Smooth vocals guide
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Jackknife Seizure Starfighter (EP) 2017 Genre: Alt-Metal A common theme for this EP appears to be the unconventional stance from which most songs progress yet, this does not prevent ‘Johnny Little Pocket vs Mickey Pork’ from making a distinct introduction. This song shows signs of potential and skill on behalf of Jackknife Seizure but, a sense
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