Death Blooms

Death Blooms
Death Blooms (EP)
2017 (Released 12th May)
Genre: Alt-Metal / Thrash

The explosive EP from distressingly underrated British Alt-Metal act, Death Blooms, surges into a full-blown Thrash fuelled assault from the opening second. Phenomenal bass riffs and vocals ignited by blood-boiling aggression ensure that the first track, ‘Hate: Die’, is an unrivalled, flawless success. Shades of Cane Hill and Beartooth shine through predominantly on the following track, ‘Last Ones’, as well as on ‘Hate: Die’. Sheer blunt-force brutality plays a critical and essential role in the elevation of ‘Last Ones’ energy, presence and conviction.
After hardly having a chance to even consider catching your breath, ‘Death Blooms’ refuses to show any signs of mercy as it continues with its onslaught of astounding, prolific Alt-Metal dominance in the single, ‘I’m Dead’. With a bass breakdown of biblical proportions, this song is undoubtedly a sample of pure Metal supremacy. ‘Sick’ concludes this staggeringly powerful whirlwind of an EP with more face-melting vibes, consistent with Death Blooms nature.
Overall, this EP is absolutely unstoppable and, much like Death Blooms, is surely destined to put the British Rock scene on notice. Death Blooms are ready to go all the way.

(With thanks to Stampede Press UK)

Review Rating: 10


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