Ghost Toast

Ghost Toast
Out of this World
2017 (Released 7th June)
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock

The Experimental Hungarians, Ghost Toast, commence their forthcoming instrumental release with ‘Ka Mai’, which is a powerful, moody Prog Rock track. A plethora of superb key changes and admirable convention defiance ensure that this musical experience is a memorable one. ‘Gordius’ throws the audience an unexpected twist when it endorses a hint of Psychedelic into its composition. A range of instruments from varying genre backgrounds once again allows for a cutting edge input of Experimental Rock, much like ‘Ka Mai’.

A highly enjoyable opening for this album is supported confidently and admirably by the seven-minute monument of a track, ‘Alia’. The calm, slow and inquisitive introduction of this song is gradually built upon by increasing layers of depth, stability and atmosphere. The way that Ghost Toast manage to portray a narrative within these songs without the guiding presence of lyrics is a truly exceptional and unique talent. An emphasis on this point is reached by the epic blockbuster, ‘The Dragon’s Tail’, which sounds like a perfect fit for Hollywood’s next major Fantasy film.

Perhaps the most peculiar experience on the album, ‘Minotaur’, submerges you in a world of contemporary, clever and calming tempos. The easy-listening tone of this track acts as a thunderous yet disciplined asset for ‘Out of this World’. ‘Minotaur’ precedes the longest track on the album campaign, ‘Kaia’, as the atmospheric qualities portrayed by Ghost Toast are elevated once more. Another grand song, impressive in its duration follows ‘Kaia’ in the form of ‘Last Man’, which much like ‘Alia’ and ‘The Dragon’s Tail’, reveals a story despite minimal vocal contribution.

‘Ishvara’ maintains the docile pace with its initially passive vibe that stretches across a vast area of the genre spectrum. His is before the surprisingly short, ‘Pawn of Fate’ concludes this great, thought-provoking and purposeful album. Overall, Ghost Toast have managed to satisfy a magnitude of requirements thanks to their skill, talent and sheer determination. This expressive album is a must see for any Experimental Prog Rock fan.

Review Rating: 8

(With thanks to Inverse Records)


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