Genre: Hard Rock

Not many debut albums manage to accumulate the exposure and attention that ‘Nova’ has; the debut album from hot prospect Hard Rock group, Raven Eye. The reasons for this escalating exposure become abundantly clear through the dreamy ‘Wanna Feel You’ and its psychedelic tinged riffs. Not only does the slowed tone encourage a unique vibe but it also shows a glaring Grunge influence throughout.
Progression and expansion begin to take place through the diverse, upbeat and enigmatic ‘Come With Me’. This catchy song I guided valiantly by the imposing Hard Rock vocals and exciting riff structure which allow it to flow effortlessly into ‘Inside’. Seamless transitions between emphatic key changes cause an insurgence of adrenaline and ferocious conviction into the album.
After an outstanding, faultless introduction, ‘Nova’ sustains its break-neck velocity by presenting us with the almighty ‘Hero’. Once again. RavenEye perfectly execute every vital component of the song and in the process, grant it the credentials to become a sensational track. ‘Hero’ precedes ‘Supernova’ which captures the essence of some Post-Grunge vibes in terms of tone but, in terms of sound and presentation, there is no comparison to ‘Supernova’, it is simply untouchable.
As ‘Nova’ journeys forward it continues to impress and surprise but it shines brightest thanks to the captivating, charismatic and creative, ‘Walls’. One or two previous songs from this release bared resemblance to some Grunge tainted Rock groups but, this song brings to light how quickly and easily RavenEye can alter their main foundation tempo to suit any influence.
‘Oh My Love’ re-injects a rush of psychedelic back into ‘Nova’, adding character and variety before ‘Madeline’ tales over. Yet another original, distinctive and personal vibe rules over the direction of an amazing track as ‘Madeline’ establishes itself as a thunderous, unmistakable tune.
As we draw ever-near to the conclusion of this honestly spectacular album, ‘Hate’ does its bit in maintaining the momentum and positive rushing energy. As your exposure to ‘hate’ increases, so does your attachment and fascination in this excellent song. All this excitement is followed by the penultimate stunner, ‘Out of the Rain’, as it remains loyal to the roots and expansive style of ‘Nova’. ‘Eternity’ calmly, courageously concludes the album in a blissful, acoustic fashion. This could quiet possibly be one of the most impactful, compelling and awe-inspiring debut album of the decade so far due to its passion, structure, integrity and general brilliance. As a result, ‘Nova’ becomes just the second debut album in AC Rock Reviews history to receive top marks.

Review Rating: 10


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