Static Tension

Static Tension
Out of Reach (EP)
Genre: Progressive Grunge
 This gnarly, raw and impactful six-track EP is brought to life instantaneously by the gravely, Progressive bass and vocal combination of ‘Psm’. The unique vocal style, which endorses the influence of traditional Grunge, gains momentum while also supporting the Progressive waves of energy from the instrumental support making for a stunning final result. ‘Obstacle of Doubt’ follows suite with more exhilarating Progressive tones which reflect a slight Tool influence although, this does not deter the development of originality and personal identity.
A surreal yet surprisingly efficient Experimental Grunge vibe echoes vividly from ‘Faith to Fault’ as it prioritises complex structure and depth over brute force with the resulting factor being its evolution into a brilliant track. Conviction is always a crucial component for hopeful heavy EP’s and to deliver on this necessity, ‘Out of Reach’ gifts us with the riveting, enigmatic ‘Down From Three’. Fluent key changes allow the song to flow smoothly and admirable before ‘Back Inside’ and the title track conclude the EP in a truly awe-inspiring, atmospheric manner.
Overall, this is a remarkable EP which offers a magnitude of experimentation, talent as well as potential on behalf of Static Tension and is simply a joy to listen too. This is a band that has the skill and apparent determination to succeed in the music industry with ease and ‘Out of Reach’ should put that beyond any doubt for most Rock fans.
Review Rating: 9




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