All Hail The Yeti

All Hail The Yeti
Screams from a Black Wilderness
Genre: Thrash Metal/ Death Metal

‘Before the Flames’ is used as an instrument to ignite the fire of the album immediately with a slightly eerie feel. The Black Metal themed bass line condones and supports the Thrash Metal environment of the song, creating a strong starting point from which the following songs can build. ‘Plague Dance’ contrasts ‘Before the Flames’ in many ways but, mainly because it is much heavier and forces an injection of intimidating pace. Although, this doesn’t stop ‘Plague Dance’ from being an absolutely outstanding dark Thrash song. The riff structure for ‘Let the Night Roar’ is impeccable, as it is for most other songs on ‘Screams from a Black Wilderness’.
Adrenaline and aggression flood into this album uncontrollably thanks to ‘Mr. Murder’ that mixes a great range of vocal styles appropriately which is partly helped by the guest feature from Brock Lindow. On top of this the captivating foundation sound of ‘Mr. Murder’ is quite frankly unstoppable and astounding.
Meaty bass lines and thick, engaging Thrash vocals lead ‘Lady of the Night’ and ‘Witch is Dead’. These two songs easily amplify the rage and force that courses through the veins of this record with conviction packed structures with the potential capability of melting your face.
The development and variety of guitar play is addressed by ‘Daughter of the Morning Star’. Unique lyrical narratives play a huge part in the progression of the album but, especially on this striking, emphatic track.
‘Sun Will Never Set’ takes a while to distinguish itself from the other songs on ‘Screams from a Black Wilderness’ due to the reminiscent vocal style but, once it claws its way into new Thrash Metal territory it excels and achieves amazing things. ‘Fall of Core’ and ‘Breaking the Wheel’ are phenomenal, high-tempo tracks with extreme magnitudes of power as well as fortified Metal supremacy, allowing them to be defined as highlights of the album. How more people haven’t witnessed this spectacular Metal experience that is All Hail the Yeti is far beyond my comprehension.
‘Nemesis Queen’ and ‘Angels Envy’ conclude what has been an awe-inspiring Thrash influenced roller coaster of a ride. ‘Screams from a Black Wilderness’ has solidified itself as a top Thrash release of 2016 all thanks to the dominating talents of All Hail the Yeti. Watch out for this band because they seem determined and ready to invade the mainstream Metal scene in the exceedingly near future.

Review Rating: 9


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