Black Bay

Black Bay

Welcome Apocalypse
Genre: Industrial Metal/ Thrash Metal

An essential element of any Industrial tainted Metal album is conviction and aggression; thankfully Black Bay deliver both of these immediately through the volatile opener, ‘Anger to Nowhere’. The gripping, earth-quaking bass lines act as a great launching pad from which the rest of the song can advance and excel. This followed by the raw, aggressive and blood-thirsty tempo of the explosive ‘No Afterlife’. Energy and pure Metal character erupt from this stunning face-melting behemoth as ‘Welcome Apocalypse’ capitalises on its audience’s imagination early on.
A title track can sometimes be used as an anchor for an album to help it remain consistent but ‘Welcome Apocalypse’ is used to add darkness and pace to the album as Black Bay continue to impose all their talent onto every song. This positive, crucial theme invades the realms of ‘Victorious’, giving it the opportunity to obtain masterful levels of impact and Metal presence. ‘Dream Escape’ takes an approach with a stronger Thrash affiliation, the resulting factor being a stunning, hard-hitting and enigmatic song which escalates the overall quality of the album.
The eternal cyclone of Hard Rock currents on this album continue to persist on ‘Sicker’ as it moves away from the albums allegiance to Thrash at stages, broadening Black Bay’s horizons to endorse a greater range of expert Rock conventions. ‘Sicker’ is immediately followed by ‘Illusion & Dream’ which shows some subtle yet glimmering similarities with bands such as Nonpoint and even the odd shower of Bullet for my Valentine. Despite these similar aspects, it doesn’t disable the songs authenticity as a unique entity.
After venturing away from the path of Thrash, ‘Welcome Apocalypse’ returns home with the crunching Hardcore Thrash track, ‘Born to Betray’ before ‘Above Reality’ sends the album on a scorching trail along its own path.
‘Rats’ and ‘Worldfall’ conclude this whirlwind release with more dazzling, energy issuing waves of Metal spirit to bring forward a whole-hearted, determined conclusion. Overall, this is an exciting album which is elevated to great heights of success by the raging potential of Black Bay. Hopefully there is more to come from Black Bay and hopefully, it will be just as good as this.

Review Rating: 8


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