Better Safe Than Sober (EP)
2017 (Released 31st March)
Genre: Doom Pop
The unusual genre classification for this EP already has me fascinated but, this all female group are more than just a genre gimmick. ‘Mesmerise’ takes elements from Progressive Rock, Doom Metal and Alt-Rock in a bizarre yet surprisingly efficient approach. Smooth vocals guide the song like a beacon of light through the deep, misty shroud created by the dark, intricate pace.
Distinctly British spoken-word style Rap vocals introduce ‘Feel the Same’ before it evolves into an absolutely stunning Alternative Rock track, tainted by the same embracing darkness of ‘Mesmerise’. There really is no way to draw comparisons on this material as it is completely original, unique and truly admirable. ‘John Doe’ follows ‘Feel the Same’ confidently as it proves to be the personification of what you would expect ‘Doom Pop’ to sound like. This song allows the audience to understand the nature of this new, blossoming genre and how Courtesans look to nurture, push and develop it.
The penultimate track, ‘Knowhere’, cranks up the Psychedelic power and invigorates the concealed charisma of ‘Better Safe Than Sober’, solidifying its claim as an incredible song which surpasses any description which could possibly do it justice. Imposing, insightful Rap vocals loom over the thunderous yet docile conclusion, ‘The Tide’, as this EP goes out with an unmissable bang. In an era of music where experimentation is arguably more apparent than ever, it can be difficult to stand out but, Courtesans have conjured up an otherworldly EP which possesses more personal identity than most other releases can even wish for. Overall, this is the perfect EP in the eyes of the open-minded Rock enthusiast.
Review Rating: 10


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