ReAniMate 3.0: The CoVeRs Ep (EP)
Genre: Hard Rock

When you have the vocal power of Lzzy Hale within your arsenal, almost any Rock feat (no matter how ambitious or seemingly impossible) is certainly a realistic goal. This comes to light as Halestorm hit us with a perfectly composed cover of Whitesnake’s ‘Still of the Night’. The stunning delivery of this cover in general ensures its unrivalled success, before ‘Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover’ once again allows the EP to inspire the audience and captivate your desire.
An admirable upbeat vibe welcomes you throughout this entire cover EP but, especially in the naturally catchy and entertaining ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You’. Covers such as this let us realise just how fortunate we are to have a band as talented as Halestorm leading the assault for the next generation of Hard Rock. Although I’m not a fan of Twenty One Pilots, I can’t help but appreciate ‘Heathens’ when it’s covered by Halestorm, as it’s so different to Halestorm’s usual Rock sound and, it must have taken a lot of courage for Halestorm to attempt this. The additional flavour of attitude, impact and energy in this cover, for me, allows it match and (arguably) surpass the quality of Twenty One Pilot’s original version.
Soundgarden’s ‘Fell on Black Days’ is the next song to be experimented with on this EP and the influence from Chris Cornell’s original vocal execution is reflected in Lzzy Hale’s vocal delivery here, making for a similar tone and vibe. Covering a Metallica song is always going to require magnitudes of talent and determination but, this daunting reality doesn’t seem to phase Halestorm as they electrify and amaze with ‘Ride the Lightning’.
Overall, this is a great EP which helps us to realise that Halestorm are enjoying their time at the top and, that they have enormous respect for many of the innovators of the genre such as Metallica, Soundgarden and Whitesnake. I hope a few of these covers can find a way onto Halestorm’s next full-length studio album.

Review Rating: 9


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