Jacknife Seizure

Jackknife Seizure

Starfighter (EP)
Genre: Alt-Metal

A common theme for this EP appears to be the unconventional stance from which most songs progress yet, this does not prevent ‘Johnny Little Pocket vs Mickey Pork’ from making a distinct introduction. This song shows signs of potential and skill on behalf of Jackknife Seizure but, a sense of inorganization within the songs structure does cripple its ability to generate adrenaline at stages. An imposing change of tone from the Grunge tainted ‘Fornicate Galactic’ brings to light a much more positive reflection of Jackknife Seizure’s talents as ‘Starfighter’ begins to blossom.
‘Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse’ once again endorses a daring Rock tone as it capitalises on an atmospheric Classic Metal rhythm but, in a similar fashion to ‘Johnny Little Pocket vs Mickey Pork’, it sounds as if Jackknife Seizure are overcrowding the song by attempting too many Metal influences and conventions at once. The easiest method to improve this song is to remove some of the less pinacol sub-genre influences on the song and maintain a steady focus on the great Metal core sound.
The title track fulfils the role as a warm-up act for the final song ‘Tappy Tapperson’. A powerful conclusion is always essential for EP releases and thankfully ‘Tappy Tapperson’ fulfils exactly what was required and expected of it. Although, there is room for improvement on this EP despite the signs of quality and perfectionism. Like I mentioned earlier, by extracting key elements of their sound and showing a higher affiliation to them (as appose to them attempting such a magnitude of styles simultaneously) would massively improve Jackknife Seizure’s delivery. But, through the haze and mist on this EP there is potential buried within Jackknife Seizure’s overall sound, and with a touch of perseverance, they could easily unlock it.

Review Rating: 6


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