The Press Gang

The Press Gang
Medusa 5
Genre: Hard Rock/ Metal

A riveting introduction allows ‘Medusa 5’ to burst into action with an explosion of energy in the excellent ‘Dagger for the Eye’. With a vocal style, which bears some resemblance to Swedish Metal band, Avatar, ‘Dagger for the Eye’ shows its personal variety as this unique vocal approach binds with the engaging pace. This same presence of power is carried into the following song, ‘Churning the Rust’, as it once again delivers a dominant vocal style.
As the album progresses it begins to evolve through songs such as the charismatic, ‘Bumblebee’, and its enigmatic Metal tempo which is generated by astounding guitar play. Every component of this song merges and collaborates astoundingly well to ensure that this song blossoms into a remarkable spectacle. ‘Rise’ continues to test the fortified boundaries of this album with an original Hard Rock environment as well as with an attention-stealing lyrical narrative.
The fast-paced adrenaline injection which has supported ‘Medusa 5’ to this point overflows and floods into ‘Blister & Boil’, a song that not only reinforces the foundation structure of this album, yet also builds and improves it with expertly executed Metal components.
‘Bone & Gravel’ and ‘Die Inquisitor Die’ tend to condone each other as they are both equally short as well as equally imposing and impactful. Shades of 70’s Punk Rock start to arise from these songs due to the raw delivery and their sheer, unapologetic magnetism. A wide array of influences show us that The Press Gang are willing and able to experiment with a magnitude of different Metal adaptations.
This velocity packed, non-stop action album s brought to a close by the electrifying and daring song, ‘Kill the Bastards’ and ‘Ship & Sail’. In summary, this concise album certainly packs a punch and should not be taken lightly. The Press Gang have used this album to highlight their areas of expertise while also experimenting with and testing their musical capabilities. If you’re a fan of Bad Religion, Avatar, early Iron Maiden or any other notable Metal band, then ‘Medusa 5’ is definitely worth a moment of your time.

Review Rating: 7


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